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Yerachmiel Alter

Excellent Research!

Most Important-
Where can We purchase in Israel!
Possible bulk for classes & distribution to
Wineries, Yeshivot,, Etc. ???

Shabbat Shalom /Chag Sameach

Yerachmiel Alter – Yerushalayim

Sara Goldberg

Please contact the publisher, Feldheim, about bulk purchase and distribution.

Contact info:
Phone: 845-356-2282
Out of NY State: 800-237-7149

Dr. Samuel Himmelfarb

I am a Jew who lived for awhile in Kentucky where we make Bourbon whiskey. Is it possible that Bourbon is kosher for Pesach under appropriate conditions?

No. Bourbon must be 51% Corn mash which is Kitniot. However, this is combined with other grain mash like malted and unmalted barley and wheat which makes Bourbon 100% Chometz Gamor.

Moreover, it would theoretically be possible to produce Kasher LePesach Rum if it were not for the fact that most are matured in Ex-Bourbon barrels which, again makes them Chometz.

JA Mag

Bourbon is always majority corn (Kitniyos), and it is also made with rye or barley. these are chametz. 
Therefore, I am unaware of any Bourbons that are Kosher for Pesach (even for Sefardim). 
Even a tiny but of chametz (wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt) in the Bourbon would preclude it from being made Kosher for Pesach. 

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