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Fred Bamulutira

What is being overlooked is that Uganda was a vast land stretching from Mountains of the moon in the west, to Lake Naivasha in the east.
It’s the British who annexed a big chunk to Kenya


I wonder how they’re saying,that the plan was for kenya.its not3a misconception,but the truth is, The plan was for UGANDA not kenya.and in appreciation,the Jewish community, Offered to built houses for ugandans.The houses are in KAMPALA,reffered to as BUGOLOBI FLATS.
why didn’t Kenya come out to oppose this.


I read a certain article that clearly stated that part of Uganda land was given to Kenya by the British . Your right kato

Rabi M Faisal

To save Jews from religious prosecution, torture and discrimination was the consideration of the time for choosing a homeland, irrespective of its location. There are religious and sentimental values attached to preference of the middle East as their homeland. However, if such homeland does not give peace, happiness and love to live with each other then what is the purpose and use of such homeland. The two state solution which has been proposed and brokered by the US is already dead and no use pursue that route . It is better and preferable option that the whole of Palestine and… Read more »

Allison Rodd

If people could overcome hatred of the Jews (and visa versa) this plan would be easy. There is a so much hatred towards Jews who are blamed for no reason other than being Jewish. People have been brainwashed for centuries.

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