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Beautiful article that really helps balance the discussion. The benefits of the pleasant, growth oriented, and Torah enriched environment cannot be underscored enough, and rebbeim don’t necessarily even realize the disparity unless they’ve also worked in the regular business world. I would point out that the tuition discount point’s subjectivity could be made sharper by noting that the religious level of the school and ages and genders of one’s children can really make this a no brainer or completely irrelevant. Moreover, one doesn’t necessarily have a say in any of those factors, so one could be a fantastic teacher in… Read more »

Avigail Bakaleynik

I’ve seen the idea floated of giving mechanchim a community-wide mutual discount: if you teach in one institution but your own child is/needs to be in a different one, you would still receive the professional courtesy.


Excellent article that hits upon many salient points, including the disparity among the spectrum of “Yeshivos” regarding every single point.
The bottom line is that while no one can ignore the perks of working for institutions that share your values, most happy mechanchim are propelled by their idealism. As long as that works, meaning till it collides with new “must haves” in our respective worlds, you will have more fulfilled, happy mechanchim.

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