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Nancy Havernick

This is an excellent interview. The note at the end about being content with fewer material things is noteworthy. When one makes aliyah, it is likely that one will be content with a smaller house or even a modest apartment, having left a bigger house behind. Maybe all the turmoil in the world will help us be content with what we have, concentrate on our spiritual growth, appreciate our family and friends and come home to Israel.

Dr. Emmy Leah Zitter

My mother, Mrs. Rose Stark, a’h, was a survivor of Auschwitz. Every year I organize an evening at Michlalah-Jerusalem College in her memory, and in honor of all those who died al kiddush Hashem and those who survived. And every year at that evening I point out that we shouldn’t call that amazing, resilient generation who survived and rebuilt families and Judaism “survivors.” They deserve to be called “rebuilders.”
Thank you, Rabbi Wein (who was one of our first speakers at our unique event) for your insights.

D spira

Excellent interview. I would list theSatmar Rebbe as one of the major rebuilders. He came to these shores and had his chasidim build an infrastructure for yiddishkeit to flourish. Kosher food of every type, modest clothing, every thing that is needed to live in galus. Even kosher candy. We grew up without any candy to buy.
My parents were also refugees from Hitler. They raised us very strictly. But, most people would not have persevered, but for the establishment of that infrastructure.

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