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Barry Friedfertig

The world is ever changing and to survive and grow change we must, or else we wither and die.
Barry Friedfertig

joel rich

IIRC codifiers (Rambam, Tur et al) point to geographic and social upheavals (dating back to codification of the mishna) as the reason for the need for codes. As my friend R’ OY Glickman Z”L once mentioned to me -no one rang a bell and said from 12PM tonight begins the time of the achronim. Much as R’ Schachter often comments that the amoraim could have argued with tannaim but chose not to, eras will be determined by the participants’ choices as whether to see themselves as a different era (I’ve heard we are in the era of the masfim -collectors)… Read more »

Akiva Miller

It has been decades since I began to suspect that we have already transitioned from the era of the Acharonim to that of the Poskim. Perhaps the Chazon Ish might be referred to as an Acharon, but Rav Moshe Feinstein or Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach not so much.

And I echo the worries about the impact of the “shaat hadchak psakim”, It is very good that we have better knowledge of certain halachos, but I fear that the average person is getting too accustomed to certain leniencies, and will resent the future return to normalcy.

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