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Torah in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In This Section What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us about What it Means to be Human by Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank Halachic Smarts about Smart Technology by Rabbi Chaim Jachter Artificial Intelligence: The Newest Revolution in Torah Study? Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin in conversation with Professor Moshe Koppel AI Meets Halachah: Jewish Action speaks with Rabbi Dr. Aaron […]


Every wonder how Oreos became kosher? These letters hold the very backstory and more behind the scenes of kashrut at the OU.

In Their Own Words: Why I Work for the Klal

I’ve been working in the non-profit sector since I entered the workforce eleven years ago. I began in outreach and found my way into operations and fundraising. I did not grow up observant; that experience fuels my passion for educating Jews who have not had access to a Jewish education. At Partners in Torah, I […]

Letters – Fall 2022

Moving “Out of Town”; Only Telling Part of the Story; Refuting Get Misconceptions

When Giving is a Family Affair

“When it comes to tzedakah, you give to family first. Teach Coalition, at least to us, is a charity that we feel impacts our own children and future generations.”

Do You Work for the Jewish People? 

Are you involved professionally in strengthening and supporting the Jewish people? Do you work for a Jewish nonprofit? If so, we’d love to hear what you do and why! Send a brief paragraph describing the kind of work you do and what you love about it to Submissions will be accepted until June 30. Your […]