Author: JA Mag

All Because of Covid

“Mom, there’s a house three doors away from me in the yishuv that’s available! Come to Israel,” she pleaded.

Rethinking the Economics of Frum Life

What can we do to help those struggling with the high infrastructural cost of Orthodox life? While we cannot easily resolve the high cost of tuition or housing in our communities, how can we help individuals better navigate the world of personal finance?

Money Talk

Leading career and business experts discuss how to grow your business or career and improve your financial situation.

Money Matters

A growing number of individuals and organizations are promoting financial literacy to help families get out of debt, change the way they relate to money and attain financial peace.

Jewish Action Wins Five Rockower Awards

At the recent American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) Conference, Jewish Action, the magazine of the Orthodox Union, won five Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism for work that appeared in 2020.