Author: JA Mag

The View from Pew

With the release of Pew’s latest report some months ago, we asked some of the same contributors to analyze the newest findings while reflecting back on their suggestions from eight years ago.

The View from Pew: Where We Are

There has to be a concerted effort from our rabbis, lay leaders and the Orthodox media to impress upon our communities . . .  what a tragedy the Jewish nation is experiencing outside the safe walls in which we are ensconced.

Shtadlanim of the 20th Century

Today American Orthodox Jewry is vibrant, confident and politically savvy. But its current state is, in no small part, due to the efforts of a number of determined and fearless individuals who were dedicated to the cause of Klal Yisrael.

All Because of Covid

“Mom, there’s a house three doors away from me in the yishuv that’s available! Come to Israel,” she pleaded.

Rethinking the Economics of Frum Life

What can we do to help those struggling with the high infrastructural cost of Orthodox life? While we cannot easily resolve the high cost of tuition or housing in our communities, how can we help individuals better navigate the world of personal finance?

Money Talk

Leading career and business experts discuss how to grow your business or career and improve your financial situation.