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Around the Shabbat Table

How do we keep our Shabbat tables lively, engaging, and a centerpiece of the week? We asked a diverse group of people to share their thoughts.

Mining Tanach

There is now a wide variety of Religious Zionist methodologies of Tanach study—some emphasize medieval commentaries; others focus on Israeli geography or botany; still others address the psychology of the Biblical characters; and much more.

Letters – Winter 2018

Not Enough Time or Energy I very much enjoyed reading the summer 2018 edition, especially Allen Fagin’s essay entitled “Do We Have the Time and Energy to Lead a Torah Life?” Certainly, as he points out, there is no simple solution. At the same time, however, I believe that...

The Forgotten Jewish Community of Ecuador

Jewish Action spoke with Rabbi Nir Koren, rabbi of the main Jewish community in Ecuador, and Rabbi Shoshan Ghoori, OU director of international relations, Latin America, to find out why a little-known Jewish community is experiencing a religious renaissance.

Letters – Fall 2018

High Cost of Burial As a rabbi, I truly appreciated Rabbi Akiva Males’ article entitled “What’s In Your Anti-Cremation Toolkit?” (summer 2018). However, I believe there is one main issue that was not addressed in the article. Often relatives point out that a cremation costs about $1,000 while a...

JA Wins Rockower Award for 8th Year Running!

At the American Jewish Press Association Conference, held last week, Jewish Action won a Simon Rockower Award for a feature story entitled “The Contemporary Rebbetzin.” The article, which won First Place for Excellence in Writing about Women, explored the ever-changing, ever-demanding role of the contemporary rebbetzin. Written by Avigayil Perry, the...