Author: JA Mag

Habits of Spiritually Strong Families

To religious Jews, parenting entails more than caring for our children physically and emotionally. We must be invested in our children’s religious identities, help mold their spiritual lives, and imbue them with a strong, deep emunah that will help them withstand the vicissitudes of life. Raising Children with Values...

Facing Poverty

Being on the receiving end of tzedakah for the past eleven months as an unemployed Jewish communal professional has not only grayed me prematurely, it has also afforded me insights that might not have occurred to me otherwise.


Often retirees cannot return to yeshivah because they never had the yeshivah experience in the first place.

In Print: The Thriving Orthodox Press

The explosion in English-language Orthodox print media is a wonderful development, especially for those of us who recall the days when Orthodox print publications were few and far between. These days there’s a plethora of newspapers—(even a daily!)—as well as a variety of glossy, graphically appealing magazines (and even...


On the Periphery I’m writing in response to your issue on divorce in the Orthodox community (spring 2017). As an FFB (Frum From Birth) woman, who since the time of my divorce has seesawed between full Orthodox observance and forsaking parts of it, it has become clear to me...

The Contemporary Rebbetzin: What’s It Like to Be a Rebbetzin in 2017?

Irrespective of their different life stories and circumstances—one truth emerges: rebbetzinhood entails a certain amount of mesirut nefesh, self-sacrifice. And yet these idealistic, high-energy and impassioned women say they wouldn’t have it any other way. They simply cannot envision living their lives any differently.