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JA Wins Rockower Award for 8th Year Running!

At the American Jewish Press Association Conference, held last week, Jewish Action won a Simon Rockower Award for a feature story entitled “The Contemporary Rebbetzin.” The article, which won First Place for Excellence in Writing about Women, explored the ever-changing, ever-demanding role of the contemporary rebbetzin. Written by Avigayil Perry, the...

The How-To Issue

Even amid routine practices, on occasion we find ourselves acting by rote, lacking a freshness in our spiritual lives.

How to Prepare a Devar Torah

The best way to identify a good topic is to select something you would want to hear about. Simply ask yourself, “What topic would I like to hear discussed and how would I want to hear it presented?”

How to Complete Tanach—and Know It

The main thing is just to start and not be worried about understanding and retaining everything the first time around. The more you learn the more you’ll understand and remember later on.

How to Daven

When you speak to someone on the telephone, for instance, you may not know what the individual looks like but you can certainly speak with him. So why can’t you talk to Hakadosh Baruch Hu even though His presence is hidden?

How to Strengthen One’s Emunah

God is our constant companion. He’s a member of our family, He’s a member of our office space, He’s a member of our social circle. He’s a companion in our lives wherever we go and in whatever we do.

How to Host Shabbos Guests

Your guests might span the spectrum of Jewry. . . . It has to be okay with you. Just know that each guest around your table is a Jew who wants to experience the beauty of Shabbos—and you are helping him or her do that.

How to Do Bikkur Cholim

Our guiding principle for bikkur cholim—as chaplains, rabbis or people in the community—is this: when in doubt, show up.