Volume # 84

Fall 2023 (5784) 5782

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Remembering Rabbi Matis Greenblatt

Remembering Rabbi Matis Greenblatt

Ironically although Matis was practically unknown to the OU administration and officers, he was the spark that helped create and sustain interest in Jewish Action not only in the formative years but for decades thereafter.



An Orthodox Jewish woman’s mystifying journey to find marriage and meaning   Currently churning with initiatives and opinions, the Orthodox community has embarked on trying to solve the so-called shidduch crisis. Statistical surveys, dating coach training, matchmaker incentives, geographic-based programs, innovative events and plenty of finger-pointing all underscore the failure of our current processes to […]

Signs, Sealed,  Delivered!

Signs, Sealed, Delivered!

For many years now, it has become a fun household “tradition” to incorporate the symbolic foods of Rosh Hashanah into my holiday menus. I like a good challenge as much as the next gal, but there are some foods that need a little “gussying up” to make them a bit more appealing to my family! […]

A Guide to the Guide

A Guide to the Guide

Moreh Nevuchim is a book that has provoked an enormous amount of discussion and debate since it was first published a thousand years ago. Rambam’s masterpiece of Jewish thought was a bold embodiment of the rich and vibrant approach to Jewish philosophy that had taken hold in Andalusia—a philosophy that sought to express and develop […]

Witnessing the Power of Chesed

Witnessing the Power of Chesed

One early morning in December 2021, my world turned upside down. My oldest daughter, who was spending the year in seminary in Israel, was found unconscious in her room. She was rushed for a CT scan, and suddenly I was dealing with the worst nightmare a mother could face. A few months earlier, we had moved […]