Author: Hillel Fendel

A Love Story in Anticipation of a Happy Ending

Twenty years ago Jewish Action devoted the better part of an issue to analyzing “Israel at Forty.” At the time, the mood was cautiously optimistic and there was a strong sense of Jewish unity. Unfortunately, in Israel today the scene is quite different. One sees much conflict and confusion; there seems to be a pervasive […]

Rabbi Chanan Porat: The Shofar Is Silent

Rabbi Chanan Porat, circa 1988. Photo: Sa’ar Ya’acov/Israel Government Press Office  “A ‘Sabbath Jew’ he was—not because he showed his Jewishness once a week, but because his entire life was one of Sabbath: serenity, sanctity, and joy.” So said Rabbi Chanan Porat’s daughter at her father’s funeral, held in Kfar Etzion during Aseret Yemei Teshuvah […]