Author: Dr. Simcha Katz

Blended Learning: The Newest Frontier in Jewish Education?

How do we significantly cut costs while not compromising on quality? This is the question facing every Jewish day school in the country struggling with the escalating costs of Jewish education. Admittedly, there is no simple answer to this question; no silver bullet. The Orthodox Union is fully committed to building legislative support for school […]

Touching Our Teens’ Neshamos

A quarter of students who come to college as Orthodox Jews report that they  changed their denominational identity while at college, according to a six-year-old study by the Avi Chai Foundation (Amy L. Sales and Leonard Saxe, “Particularism in the University: Realities and Opportunities for Jewish Life on Campus” [Brandeis University, 2006], 17). Based on […]

A Time to Unite

As this issue of Jewish Action rolls off the press and with Pesach fast approaching, we are entering the final third of the current yeshivah/day school academic year. That means yeshivah parents will soon be writing their checks for the coming school year. In the vast majority of these homes, the implications of yet another […]

Making Orthodox Life More Affordable

There is no question that one of the most challenging issues facing our community is the high cost of living an Orthodox lifestyle. Especially in these difficult economic times, when so many are either unemployed or underemployed, the financial demands often seem overwhelming. The number-one expense for most frum families is, of course, yeshivah tuition. […]