Author: Stephen J. Savitsky

Achdut by Sandy, or Achdut by Love?

Several years ago, while traveling by plane, I found myself seated next to a Reform Jew who seemed interested in the Daf Yomi I was studying. This was right after Hurricane Katrina and my seatmate—who turned out to be the weatherman for a local TV station in New Orleans—said he had been in New Orleans […]

Restoring Spirituality to Shul Life

Despite the dire predictions of half a century ago, Orthodox Jewry is today the fastest growing stream in Judaism. No doubt, we have much to be thankful for. And yet, in spite of our successes, there are many areas in which we, as a community, need to improve. Throughout my travels to Jewish communities, both […]

A New Way of Thinking at the OU

The winning programs come from large and small communities and from large and small synagogues, and range from political action to education, from intergenerational contact to the recruitment of new families.