Author: Varda Branfman

A Different Dimension By Yaffa Ganz

Despite my reservations, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed seeing the world through this author’s eyes. Her wise assessments of the political scene and the personal vicissitudes of life are interesting and, at times, inspiring.

Memoir: The Lord Is My Shepherd

Memories of a Third-Generation American Assimilated Jew and How She Found Her Way Back to the Land Her Soul Calls Home My father doesn’t sit and say Tehillim, humming the words the way his father did. Still, there is one chapter of Tehillim he remembers. He doesn’t call it Tehillim Kaf Gimmel. He calls it […]

Everyone’s Got a Story

Everyone’s got a Story Edited by Ruchama K. Feuerman Judaica Press Brooklyn, 2008 412 pages Everyone’s Got a Story, an anthology of creative non-fiction and short stories, has more than the customary stamp of its editor, Ruchama K. Feuerman, who culled these forty-one pieces from writing workshops she has led over the years. Many of […]