Author: Zev Schostak

A Wake-Up Call for Our Community: Take Control of Your Health Now

  Doctors Versus Patients: Who Decides Right-to-Life? In the fall of 2007, eighty-four-year-old Samuel Golubchuk, an Orthodox Jew, was admitted to the ICU unit of Grace Hospital in Winnipeg with pneumonia. Not long after, physicians told Golubchuk’s family that his chances of recovery were nil, and there was no point in maintaining him on a […]

Holding on or Letting Go?

Reflections on Hospice in the Jewish Tradition I will never forget Jay. Jay Gold was a high-powered, successful forty-six-year-old Wall Street lawyer with a very warm heart. Though he had an extremely hectic schedule, Jay always found time to help those in need: he did pro bono work for numerous charities and volunteered to represent […]