A Private Conversation with My Kaddish

Written on the last day of aveilut for my father, Jerry J. Savitsky (Yoel ben Avraham), who passed away on daled Shevat 5752 (January 9, 1992).

imageAnd now my trusted friend and companion let me go,
After one long and difficult year, it is time for us to part.
You were my shadow, never leaving me for more than a few hours,
When life seemed almost normal, you were always there to remind me that it will never again be the same.

You were my link to the past,
My liaison to my loved one.
You allowed me to say “thank you” for the thousands of times I never did.
In you I found comfort,
With eyes closed, uttering striking words
I relived moments of my life
That are now history.

Today our journey is over.
We have traveled thousands of miles and endured all the elements.
You were the center of my day,
All else revolved around you.

I am convinced that you provided joy and satisfaction to my dear father.
Every day he anxiously awaited my prayer,
Affirming all that he lived for and believed in.
Together, the three of us transcended two worlds.

And now the time has come for us to go our separate ways,
I beg you dear friend and companion,
Let me go, forever—never to meet again.

Stephen J. Savitsky is president of the OU.

This article was featured in the Summer 2009 issue of Jewish Action.