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OU Helps Anglos Find Jobs

By Michael Orbach

The OU Job Board’s activities aren’t limited to helping Americans find work. This year, the OU Job Board will be running its fourth job fair in Israel.

Back in 2007, OU Job Board Director Michael Rosner realized that there was a population in need.

“Once Anglos make aliyah, there are very few services helping them in the employment area,” Rosner says. “We wanted to fill that void.”

The first OU Israel Job Fair was held in 2007 after the OU convention in Israel. What’s unique about the OU job fairs in Israel is that they cater to companies seeking primarily English speakers.

The most recent job fair, held in August, attracted more than 600 job seekers and had a 10 percent success rate compared to the typical job fair rate, which Rosner estimates at about 1 to 2 percent. Companies at the fair included Teva Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Philip Stein and Associates and Tandem Capital.

“It’s critical to help people understand that when they make aliyah, they’re not abandoned,” Rosner concludes. “There are people here to help them.”

The next job fair will take place May 13 at the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel. More information is available at

Michael Orbach is a staff writer at the OU.

This article was featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Jewish Action.