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West Coast Region: OU West Coast Launches New Lecture Tour

kalinsky“What’s a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn doing in the US Air Force?”

You’ll have to ask Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Director of the OU’s West Coast Region, during his upcoming summer/fall 2016 lecture tour. Visiting OU congregations on the West Coast from California to Colorado to Western Canada to Washington, Rabbi Kalinsky will speak on a variety of topics, drawing on his experience as a Rabbinic Field Representative for OU Kosher for over thirty years, and as a Chaplain in the US Air Force for twenty-eight years.

“Coordinating guest speakers and scholars-in-residence is one of the many services provided to shuls with OU membership,” says Rabbi Kalinsky. “However, many smaller congregations have limited funds to enable them to bring in guest speakers. With this new initiative, we hope to benefit many of our shuls. Based on the enthusiastic response we are getting from shuls throughout the West Coast, we are sure it will be a success.”

For booking information, please contact the OU West Coast office at 310.229.9000 or e-mail

This article was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Jewish Action.
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