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Fall 5767/2006            Vol. 67, No. 1 FEATURES Intelligent Design: Why Has It Become a Battleground Between Science and Religion?                                                                                   Nathan Aviezer Finding the Intelligence Within the Design             Gerald Schroeder The Faith of Darwinism and the Science of Intelligent Design Arnold Slyper SPECIAL SECTION Up Close with Rosh Yeshivah-Turned-Novelist Haim Sabato Shira Leibowitz Schmidt and […]


Book Reviews

Nowadays, cooking, baking and all things related to food are quite en vogue. An entire television network is devoted to food and cooking. The food/cooking section at most bookstores has become a popular mainstay, and magazines devoted to food and to all manner of cooking have a prominent spot at the newsstand.

Jewish Living

Saturday Night Fever

Motzei Shabbat. The recitation of the final amen pierces the air like the crack of the starter’s pistol and signals that the race has begun. The sleepy gait of Shabbat has gracefully retired into the shadows of evening.


On & Off the Beaten Track in … The Waters of Hatzbani River

Even in the Galilee and the Golan with its breathtaking greenery, a spot with lush greenery and rushing streams is highly unusual in Israel, a country with limited water resources. The fact that the Hatzbani Nature Reserve contains both makes this spot in Israel’s northeastern corner quite unique.

Timing it Right: The Halachot of Waiting Between Meals

Timing it Right: The Halachot of Waiting Between Meals

“You shall not cook a kid in its mother’s milk” (Shemot 23:19).
The Talmud (Chullin 115b) explains the Biblical verse above as prohibiting the consumption of a domesticated animal (cattle, sheep or goat) that is cooked in milk. Poultry or venison cooked in milk or beef eaten with but not cooked in milk (e.g., a sandwich of cold cuts and cheese as opposed to a cheeseburger) is rabbinically prohibited.


Hearty Helpings

Now that fall has arrived, we can switch gears and focus on slightly heartier, though still nutritious and eclectic, recipes.


If God is Good, Why is the World So Bad?

In my Jewish Perspectives on the Experience of Suffering, I wrote that those who place truth over happiness often get both, while those who choose happiness over truth are liable to get neither.