Debating Hollywood Culture

I cannot agree with Robert Avrech’s assessments of Hollywood culture (“Confessions of a Shomer Shabbos Hollywood Screenwriter,” winter 2013).

The struggle for marriage equality does not in any way undermine our values as a Torah community, any more than the latest advertisement for a non-kosher fast-food eatery does. As a religious Jew, I don’t have to endorse either McDonald’s or same-sex marriage, but I should, as an American, be ready to affirm that the rights of equal protection under the law be extended to all of my fellow citizens.

And then there is the obvious question one has to ask Avrech: if he is so dissatisfied with the culture of Hollywood, why does he opt to make his living there?

David Blatt
Chicago, Illinois

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This article was featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Jewish Action.
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