Juggling Work and Family (2)

I was thrilled to see working mothers as the focus of your recent issue. However, I was disappointed that one of the women took a swipe at stay-at-home mothers. Women need to support one another in our various life choices. Some stay-at-home mothers are home because they cannot afford to go to work; others are home because that is where they want to be. In my community, it is the stay-at-home mothers who enable the community to function. They coordinate shul events, help serve school lunch and oversee the lice checks in schools. When we belittle each other’s life choices, we belittle each other’s lives. I support my friends and their different approaches to life, work and parenting; it would benefit our entire community if we all did the same.

Great Neck, New York



This article was featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Jewish Action.
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