Torah in Germany

I was greatly disturbed by the article “Torah Judaism is Alive in Germany” by Bayla Sheva Brenner (winter 2012).

The article mentions how thousands of Jews from the USSR immigrated to Germany, lured by generous resettlement packages from the German government. Yet, it took the Germans almost seventy years to send postwar reparations to my father who spent his childhood in Buchenwald, the logic being that if my father died in the meantime, they wouldn’t have to pay him at all.

Millions of Jews murdered in Germany during the Holocaust were cremated. Thus, the Jews in Germany today are living on their ancestors’ graves. The article seems to be promoting Jewish life in Germany. No Jew in his right mind should do that.

David N. Rodgers
Flushing, New York

This article was featured in the Spring 2013 issue of Jewish Action.
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