By Yossi Huttler

If I am a lot of things


a bit wise, a bit wicked

or perfectly simple

will you still answer

all of my questions

if I cannot even ask

will you open my mouth

tell me why

I’m welcome here

at this table

why I should stay

when all these parts of me

are pulling

every which way

Yossi Huttler’s poems and essays have appeared in Jewish Action, the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Observer, the Jewish Daily Forward as well as in other print and online publications. Lakol Zman, his first book, takes the reader on a poetic journey through the Jewish calendar. A former lawyer, Huttler currently serves as assistant rabbi and ba’al korei at Etz Jacob Congregation in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family. Lakol Zman can be purchased by contacting the author at 323.655.0973 or yhuttler@aol.com.