What Makes a Good Leader?

By Aviva Weisbord

1. Take responsibility: We lead because there’s something that needs to be accomplished.

2. Offer a vision: People join when there is a clear purpose and end-goal.

3. Make a team: We really can’t do it all ourselves!

4. Build relationships, not hierarchies: Believe in the positive qualities of the people you lead; use influence, not control.

5. Keep your eye on the goal: Stay focused on your objectives and on helping others. Leadership means living the Torah principles we talk about. This may require us to work on ourselves.

6. Make time to learn and to think: It will keep you sharp, knowledgeable and grounded.

7. Face reality: Learn to accept the pressures and frustrations that go along with the territory.

8. Corollary: Give others opportunities to grow—and then give them credit, too.

9. Seek and accept guidance: There are always people who are wiser and more objective than we are.

10. Remember that Hashem is in charge: If it’s supposed to happen, He’ll make sure it works out.

This article was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Jewish Action.