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The State of Orthodox Belief

How can we bring G-d into the classroom, into our homes, and most importantly, into our children’s hearts and minds?

Healthy Tech Habits for Kids

1. Have a set time when devices (cell phones, iPads, tablets and the like) must be off and out of reach. Go dark for dinner. 2. Have a central charging station where teens have to leave their phones and iPads to charge overnight. This is one of the best...

Letters Summer 2018

Can any parent take the blame for a child going “off the derech”? By the same token, can a parent rightly take credit for raising “religiously resilient” children?

A Community in Search of a Culture

I fear that if we fail to develop a culture that effectively infuses our youth with a strong Orthodox Jewish identity, our community will eventually dwindle, with some, overwhelmed by the religious challenges, forfeiting their integration into secular society and others simply forfeiting their Orthodoxy.

Making a Seder for the Post-Millennial Generation

Getting and keeping the attention of people of any age during a Seder, a meal with a surfeit of readings and rituals that can stretch over several hours, is always difficult. But it is particularly challenging for teenagers and young adults at the table.

A Parent’s Job Is Never Done

As our children reach adulthood, many of us tend to abandon our identity as parents altogether. By relinquishing our parental responsibilities, we diminish ourselves and our children.