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Review of Wine, Whisky and Halachah

With the upcoming obligation to drink the Four Cups at the Seder, the OU Kosher hotline is generally inundated with hundreds of callers asking a variety of questions about one topic in particular: wine.  

Kesser Dovid: The Halachic Guide to Dentistry

When I left yeshivah and began dental school almost thirty years ago, several of my friends remarked that I had chosen a “good” field because there are not too many halachic issues to contend with in dentistry. Within the first few days I realized that this was simply not...

Reviews in Brief

Has Rabbi Abramowitz undermined Maimonides’ literary concealment? Can a soldier pray in his uniform? Is the Torah pro or anti wealth? Is prayer futile for a terminally ill patient? These questions and more in Rabbi Student's latest Reviews in Brief.

TORAH NEW YORK: Grand-Slam for Torah at Citi Field

Featuring leading rabbinic scholars, educators and Jewish communal leaders, the Orthodox Union’s (OU) Second Annual “Torah New York” held in April drew over 2,000 men and women to Citi Field in Queens, New York for a day of Torah study.