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The Five Day War

While reading this suspenseful novel, one cannot help but wonder where Dr. Ganchrow begins and Rob Savarin ends.

Haaretz’ Misplaced Attack on Birthright . . . And on Orthodoxy

Our goal is to reach those whose link with their Jewish identity and with Israel has been broken or severely diminished—to cultivate and renew feelings of pride and connection, based on tradition, Jewish values and the eternal wisdom of our sages. This goal thrives on unity, not on divisive...

A Chareidi Zionist Moshav: Moshav Matityahu

It is easy to overlook Moshav Matityahu. It is located on a strategic hill that overlooks Ben-Gurion Airport, across the road from Hashmonaim, a Modern Orthodox suburb that is popular among American olim. One reaches Matityahu from the road to Kiryat Sefer, the first neighborhood in the Chareidi city...