Table of Contents


Pg. 6    Letters to the Editor

Pg. 8    President’s Message

Orthodoxy Looking Inward

Mandell I. Ganchrow, M.D.

Pg. 77  Food

New to OU

Products, recipes and more

Slice of Life:  Savory Sukkah Spreads

Eileen Goltz


Pg. 93  Jewish Wry

Using Your Noodle

Ted Roberts

Pg. 99  Jewish Living

Be a Living Example

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.


Pg. 105Bytes & Pcs

Time Travel

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein


Pg. 109Books

Confronting the Loss of a Baby

Reviewed by Yael Greenblatt


Pg. 112Just Between Us Mailbox




Pg. 20  Sephardim & Ashkenazim: Bridging the Gap?

Miriam Samsonowitz


Pg. 30  American Orthodox Jews: Demographic Trends and Scenarios

Sergio DellaPergola and Uzi Rebhun


Pg. 34  The Orthodox Union Centennial Symposium

Our Next 100 Years:  The Future of American Orthodoxy


Pg. 70  Dr. Bernard Lander Speaks Out

Nechama Preis


Pg. 72  Yom Tov Insights

Going In Circles: The Double Identity of Sukkot

Rabbi Jeremy Kagan

This article was featured in the Fall 1999 issue of Jewish Action.