Author: David Luchins

OU—and NCSY—Royalty

To all of us on the OU Board, he was a link to the OU’s salad days. To me, he was the last person who remembered when I was born.

Building Orthodox Judaism in America: The Life and Legacy of Harold M. Jacobs

The story is told of a visitor to the Netherlands who was given a lengthy tour of that nation’s extensive system of dikes and asked, “How often does it flood around here?” When he was told “it hasn’t for the last fifty years,” he asked, “Then why do you need to spend so much time and money on these dikes if it doesn’t flood here anymore?”

Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik and NCSY—An Appreciation

On Sunday evening, January 29th, 2012, NCSY’s Ben Zakkai Honor Society will be honoring the legacy of Rabbi Ahron and Rebbetzin Ella Soloveichik. Why, you may rightly ask, should Ben Zakkai be the venue for the Orthodox Union to celebrate this remarkable couple’s extraordinary contributions? February 1966, Manhattan’s West Side: The Ben Zakkai Honor Society […]

Dr. Lander’s Legacy

I first met Dr. Bernard Lander at the Orthodox Union’s 1964 Biennial Convention in Washington, DC. He was already a legend in OU circles, having served as a director or officer since 1938 (at his death he had served on the Union’s Board for seventy- two of the organization’s one hundred and twelve years). I […]