Author: Jack Botwinik

Torah “R” Us: Are Too Many Toys Bad for Our Children?

By Jack (Yankl) Botwinik “Can we stop by the dollar store?” my nine-year-old pleads as we drive home from school. “I really need something for Ari’s party tomorrow, and I also need a police hat and a new gun for Purim.” When I was little, I watched in delight as my oldest brother created a […]

Rising to the Occasion: Reviving the Practice of Standing up to Honor One’s Parents

“In the period that will precede the coming of Mashiach . . . youth will blanch the faces of elders; elders will stand in the presence of minors—the son derides his father; a daughter rises against her mother [and] a daughter-in-law against her mother–in-law” (Sotah 49b). “Michael, it’s not right to take things that don’t […]