Author: Akiva Males

What’s in Your Anti-Cremation Toolkit?

With the number of Jews opting for cremation unfortunately on the rise, one never knows when he or she might be able to help another Jew choose a traditional Jewish burial over cremation. Do you know a Jew who is considering cremation? If so, here is an uncomplicated approach that might succeed in changing someone’s mind.

A Yom Kippur Guest

“Hi Rabbi, while we’re Orthodox, our cousins belong to the Reform Temple in your neighborhood. They’ll be celebrating their son’s bar mitzvah in a few months. Would a family in your shul be willing to host my wife and me so we can stop in and wish our cousins mazal tov?” “Hi Rabbi, I was […]

The Rabbi As a Rastafarian Consultant

“Rabbi, we received a letter from a Jewish inmate who’s worried that his blanket contains both wool and linen. What on Earth is he talking about?” As a pulpit rabbi in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, most of my appointments involve shul matters. However, one of my scheduled meetings is completely different. On the last Tuesday of each […]