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Jewish Action Wins Seven Rockower Awards

In July, at the American Jewish Press Association (AJPA) Conference, Jewish Action won seven Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism for work that appeared in 2022.

The magazine secured first place in the Excellence in Writing about Health Care category for Rachel Schwartzberg’s “Unplugging the Digital Generation” exploring how tech is affecting our kids and what we are doing about it.

“The Future of Food,” a three-part piece by Barbara Bensoussan and Merri Ukraincik delving into the trends that are shaping the kashrut of tomorrow, won first place in two categories: Excellence in Business Reporting — Trends, and Excellence in Writing about Food and Wine.

Aviva Engel’s “The Divorced Family,” which included personal stories from divorced parents as told to Steve Lipman and Tova Cohen, received second place for Excellence in Writing about Women; and her second piece “Supporting the Divorced Parent,” highlighting communal resources for divorced families, earned second place for Excellence in Writing about Social Justice and Humanitarian Work.

The magazine also won honorable mention in two categories: in Excellence in Writing about Food and Wine for Rafael Medoff’s “Keeping Kosher, Becoming American” about the historical context behind the founding of OU Kosher; and in Excellence in Writing about Health Care for Sandy Eller, Leah R. Lightman and Steve Lipman’s “Habits of Emotionally Strong Families” outlining practical ways parents can support the mental health of their children.

The prestigious Simon Rockower Awards, referred to as the “Jewish Pulitzers,” are sponsored by the AJPA, which holds a journalism competition for leading Jewish magazines and newspapers across the country. The entries are judged by a panel of judges with expertise in journalism, writing/reporting, editing, graphic design and cartooning in both Jewish and non-Jewish media.

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