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Delivering Chizuk


As told to Carol Ungar

I own a delivery company. When the war broke out, I asked my friends in the army what they needed—because of the war, I wasn’t working much. My friends and I loaded up my minivans with supplies and drove out to the bases.

Meanwhile, the requests kept pouring in from soldiers and parents of soldiers. We began driving to bases all over the country.

You can’t imagine what we feel like when the soldiers smile and thank us for the supplies.

I still run the delivery company, but most of my time is dedicated to the soldiers right now. Some days I leave my home at 8 am and return at 6 am the next morning. Most nights I only get to bed at 2 am, but if a call comes in at 3 am, I’ll wake up and get whatever is needed. Here in Jerusalem, you can sometimes forget that we are in the middle of a war, but when you travel the country as I do and see cars flipped over and riddled with bullets, you realize what is going on.

I do this with missiles flying over my head . . . It’s wild.


Bentzi Goldman, twenty years old, lives in Kiryat Yearim.


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This article was featured in the Winter 2023 issue of Jewish Action.
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