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The View from Pew

Courtesy of the Pew Research Center


Back in 2013, when the Pew Research Center released its landmark study entitled “A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” Jewish Action asked various contributors to offer their observations and recommendations. With the release of Pew’s latest report some months ago, we asked some of the same contributors to analyze the newest findings while reflecting back on their suggestions from eight years ago.

*Transliterations in the magazine are based on Sephardic pronunciation, unless an author is known to use Ashkenazic pronunciation. Thus, the inconsistencies in transliterations in this section and throughout the magazine are due to authors’ preferences.

Photos and graphs courtesy of the Pew Research Center

In This Section:

The View from Pew: Where We Are

The View from Pew: Where Do We Go from Here?

This article was featured in the Winter 2021 issue of Jewish Action.
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