Demanding Our Fair Share

Demanding Our Fair Share
In a letter that appeared in the spring issue, the writer commented that pushing for government assistance for yeshivah tuition would engender “sinat chinam” among supporters of public education. Such supporters have a very good reason to fight any changes to the current situation. They have a very sweet deal going. We pay to educate their children, but they don’t pay to educate ours. Why would they want that to change? That shouldn’t stop us from demanding our fair share of educational dollars.

Our current bloated, inefficient public educational system is merely the result of a political battle between the Catholics and Protestants, which the Protestants won. It has no inherent sanctity. Are business owners concerned about their competitors being upset if they succeed? Of course not! Similarly, we have to do whatever we can to ensure an equitable system.

Yitzhak Berger, Ph.D.
Jamaica Estates, New York


This article was featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Jewish Action.
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