Women in the New Economy

Women in the New Economy
The article “The New Economic Reality” by Tamar Snyder (winter 2011) is so very relevant.

I was disappointed, however, that one specific topic was not discussed.

What about all the young women who have been working to support their families while their husbands were learning? When their jobs disappear, their life styles change dramatically. This applies not only to their gashmiut, but in most cases, there are ruchniyut changes as well. Husbands and fathers who were spending their days in pursuit of Torah studies now struggle with entry-level jobs (they have little or no training for most higher income positions) while still trying to fit in as much learning as possible in very little time, especially considering their family obligations.

These women have been the heroines of our generation. They have proudly served us all and deserve special consideration.

Leah Lando
Baltimore, Maryland

This article was featured in the Summer 2012 issue of Jewish Action.
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