Author: Rabbi Moshe Hauer

In Praise of Israeli Emunah

It is in Israel that we regularly encounter among the masses—halachically observant or not—emunah peshutah, a pure and simple faith in a loving G-d Whose supportive presence ensures that we are not facing our challenges alone.

The Division Thing: Strangers, Competitors and Monsters

At this time of Orthodox growth, we need to facilitate the vision, the chazon, where the Orthodox community is perceived not as a threat but as a growing resource of passionately committed Jews who prioritize both their Judaism and their absolute and unconditional love for each and every other Jew.

The Gift of Israel

It appears that G-d’s interim solution to the challenge of assimilation . . . was the creation of the Jewish State.

Invisible People

This beautiful and all-important emphasis on family is also the source of numerous challenges and vulnerabilities for the many individuals who are not living within such a household.

Rav Chaim’s Legacy

Rav Chaim’s value system is not reserved for Rechov Rashbam . . . it can be ours too.

Looking in the Mirror: Growth Masking Attrition

The dramatic birthrates show a robust community, which, baruch Hashem, is true in the aggregate. But that growth hides a level of attrition, which is the subject of much concern and is visible in studies of all US Jews.

The Death of Nuance

Organized Jewish life strives for greater unity amongst Jews and more passionate engagement. But can passion and unity coexist?