Author: Rachel Schwartzberg

Taking Charge of Your Health

With all the pressures that come along with leading a frum life, preventative health care often takes a back seat.

The Technology Behind OU Kosher

“Kosher certification technology is a journey,” says Greenman. “As technology in general becomes more complex and nuanced, we have to stay ahead of the curve in terms of both systems and security.”

The OU: Investing in its People

With more than 3,000 full-time and part-time staff members worldwide, the OU is taking significant steps to make sure its current and potential employees see a future for themselves within the organization. 

The Great Teacher Shortage

Community leaders are hopeful the teacher shortage problem can be solved in some way—whether through raising salaries, attracting more young people to the field or preventing burnout through professional training and giving teachers the respect they deserve.

A New Way to Date?

As the pandemic struck, Zoom dating became quite popular in the shidduch world, but singles have different views on whether or not it works.

Creative for a Cause

How innovation and chesed defined the Jewish community’s response to Covid-19

Nicotine Is Back. Now What?

E-cigarettes have become so ubiquitous that experts say it’s unlikely an Orthodox kid won’t encounter them.