Author: Faigy Grunfeld

Plagues and Perseverance

How the Jewish community of Prague, the largest Jewish settlement in pre-Modern Christian Europe, coped with a devastating plague in 1713

The Role of Women in the Founding of OU Kosher

While the link between the Orthodox Union and kashrut is renowned, the role of its Women’s Branch in the establishment of the OU’s kosher certification program is lesser known.  

Marriage Then . . . and Now

There is no way to truly survey the relationship between Jewish spouses historically, but anecdotal evidence paints an interesting contrast to some of the common stereotypes.

The True Power of the Jewish Woman

In the millennia-long struggle against assimilation, Jewish women exhibited remarkable spiritual strength. We all know of the great contributions to Jewish continuity made by Torah scholars over the ages. The vast reservoir of commentaries and halachic works added to the canon of Jewish literature over the past 2,000 years is astonishing in its scope and […]