Author: Shira Isenberg

Stress Less This Summer

Instead of getting stressed out that stress is hurting you, think of the stress response as a way your body becomes stronger, getting you ready to face adversity.

Smart School Snacks

With school about to start, I’m getting anxious. He does okay with school lunch, but I don’t know what kind of snacks to send because now everything seems like junk food to me. Help!

Going Green: Lettuce—The Perfect Pesach Vegetable

Q: I’m elbow-deep in soapy water checking my maror for the Seder, while chatting with a friend on the phone, who tells me that lettuce has no nutritional value. Is that true? If so, why are people always talking about eating more greens?

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Q: I toss and turn for hours every night, just staring at the clock. Is there anything I can change in my diet to help me get some rest?   A: You’re not alone; insomnia affects almost half (48 percent) of Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This...

Mediterranean Diet Makeover

So how do you go about changing over to a more Mediterranean-style diet? In a word: gradually. Slow changes to your lifestyle are more likely to last, so don’t expect to upgrade your eating plan overnight. To get your eating habits closer to where you want them to be,...

Running for Life

What’s It Like to Run a Marathon? When he hit his late twenties, Ben Kramer—a former high school hockey player from Long Island, New York—was living a pretty sedentary lifestyle and was carrying around more than a couple of extra pounds. But he supported his wife, Samantha, when she...