Author: Steve Lipman

Boosting Morale with Art

  The painting to the left, has been unfinished and not touched by Leah since October 7. A few days before October 7, artist Leah Luria was working in her Ramat Bet Shemesh studio on a painting of Safed from the perspective of Mount Merom in northern Israel. It was a “serene . . . […]

Joe Lieberman: The Man, The Mentsch  

He was always accessible and gracious—traits not to be taken for granted from someone who, because of his political prominence, could have saved his time for the TV networks and well-connected authors. 

Chizuk on Campus

In the days and weeks after the Hamas massacre, Jewish students on campus started receiving chizuk (support) from the broader Jewish community. 

Best Kids Books to Gift This Chanukah

  A Kids Book About Perseverance By Yonina Schnall Lermer Yonina Schnall Lermer, a veteran teacher and literacy curriculum coordinator, wrote A Kids Book About Perseverance for youngsters who, facing a challenge, tell themselves “I can’t do this.” In thirty-two pages, she tells them—and shows them—how they can. From her years in the classroom, […]

Paper Shields

The Minchenbergs had offered to serve as a drop-off site for an impromptu “IDF Mezuzah Project,” a grassroots campaign that began in the wake of the Gaza War. Its goal: to provide mezuzot for the doorposts of every Israeli Army base, as a form of Divine protection for the soldiers in their ongoing battle against Hamas terrorists.

Not Like Most

She thought she was taking a test for a blood donation. She ended up donating a kidney.

“Anyone Can Do It”

A few months before she graduated from Rutgers University last year, Ahuva Strauss had a geographic epiphany—down the street from the apartment where she lived were two hospitals. She was aware that the major institutions were there but she had given little thought to the patients inside. “I never realized how lonely some of them […]

Centennial Spotlight: Rabbi Berel Wein

‘There was no uniformity and there were many certifications that were questionable. The challenge was to set the standard.’ Which the OU ultimately did.

When Science Meets Kashrut: How one woman blazed a trail in OU Kosher

At a bar mitzvah in Englewood, New Jersey, in the mid-1980s, Rabbi Menachem Genack, early in his career as rabbinic administrator of OU Kosher, was introduced to Dr. Judith Leff, a biochemist who was then working as a researcher in molecular biology at the Albert Einstein Medical College of Medicine in the Bronx. The rabbi […]

Everyday Kindness – February 2023

In this column, we highlight small and not-so-small acts of kindness that happen each and every single day.     A Warm Final Sendoff an a Below-Freezing Day  On a frigid Ontario afternoon in January 2019, more than 150 members of Toronto’s Jewish community stood on the open grounds of a snow-covered cemetery in the freezing […]

Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig, zt”l

“There’s no question that Rabbi Goldzweig was a pivotal player in the development of kashrut in America,” Rabbi Israel Paretzky, an OU RC told Jewish Action in a 2011 interview. “He was the OU.”

Volunteering in Moldova

She had learned two expressions in Russian. “You are in a safe place.” And, “You are not alone.”

Shtadlanim: Rabbi Dr. Israel Miller (1919-2002)

Rabbi Miller played an active role as a volunteer, often as the public face and voice of the Jewish community, on behalf of the JCRC, Holocaust survivors, Soviet Jews and other causes, as well as several Orthodox and Zionist organizations.

Covid Aliyah

Covid-19 has spurred an unprecedented interest in aliyah. Why?

Solo Shabbat

“So, who’s your latest victim?” That was the sarcastic question a colleague at work—a Sabra who has picked up the snarky US sense of humor—would ask me every Thursday or Friday when he spotted me rolling a suitcase into our office. It meant I was going away for Shabbat. Single, I am blessed to have […]

When God Says No

“Rabbi, I prayed for my zeidy to get better, but he died. Didn’t God listen to my prayer?”