Author: Steve Lipman

Volunteering in Moldova

She had learned two expressions in Russian. “You are in a safe place.” And, “You are not alone.”

Shtadlanim: Rabbi Dr. Israel Miller (1919-2002)

Rabbi Miller played an active role as a volunteer, often as the public face and voice of the Jewish community, on behalf of the JCRC, Holocaust survivors, Soviet Jews and other causes, as well as several Orthodox and Zionist organizations.

Covid Aliyah

Covid-19 has spurred an unprecedented interest in aliyah. Why?

Solo Shabbat

“So, who’s your latest victim?” That was the sarcastic question a colleague at work—a Sabra who has picked up the snarky US sense of humor—would ask me every Thursday or Friday when he spotted me rolling a suitcase into our office. It meant I was going away for Shabbat....

When God Says No

“Rabbi, I prayed for my zeidy to get better, but he died. Didn’t God listen to my prayer?”