Author: Allen I. Fagin

Tragedy and Consolation

She told him, with the strength of faith that only a survivor could muster: “Max, you need to stop; we don’t run anymore.”

Pray for our Government—and for the Freedom It Accords Us

Ever since the Jewish nation was dispersed in galut, we have found ourselves under the sovereignty of countless rulers and assorted forms of government, often despotic kings and evil sultans, wicked emperors and vicious dictators. Nevertheless, Yirmiyahu HaNavi and Rabbi Chanina remind us that the success and well-being of...

Data-Driven Decision Making: A Communal Imperative

We are left with two stark choices: We can let history take its brutal course, or we can double—and double again and again—the efforts we make to bring an energized, uplifting, passionate—and informed—Yiddishkeit to hundreds of thousands of our Jewish brethren.

Haaretz’ Misplaced Attack on Birthright . . . And on Orthodoxy

Our goal is to reach those whose link with their Jewish identity and with Israel has been broken or severely diminished—to cultivate and renew feelings of pride and connection, based on tradition, Jewish values and the eternal wisdom of our sages. This goal thrives on unity, not on divisive...

Affordable Jewish Education—Our Highest Priority

The education of our children has always been the bedrock of our existence. At the dawn of our birth as a people, God said about the Patriarch Abraham: “I have shown him affection because he instructs his children and his posterity to keep the way of God, to do...

Aliyah—Fulfilling the Jewish Dream

This past July, I was invited to accompany the Nefesh B’Nefesh (NBN) summer charter flight, carrying 201 new olim to Israel. It was, without question, one of my most memorable experiences. This group of new olim spanned the demographic, religious and geographic spectrum of American Jewry. The youngest oleh...

Some Personal Reflections on Communal Discourse

The Rabbinic Panel . . . emphasized—indeed, repeatedly celebrated—the enormously important and successful roles that women can and must play within our communal and synagogue structures, including as community educators and scholars.