Volume # 0

Spring 2000 (5760)

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In Search of the Elusive Chupah

A professional counselor offers insights on patterns — in thought, behavior and our society — that keep singles from marriage by Marcia Kesner She applies her lipstick and gives herself the once over, vacillating between mild anticipation and utter dread.  Another date. Over the years, she has lost count.  The dates have all become a […]


Single Focus

In Search of the Elusive Chupah by Marcia Kesner A professional counselor offers insights on patterns – in thought, behavior and our society – that keep singles from marriage. Being Single by R. Rosenfeld Breaking the Endless Cycle by Shaya Ostrov, C.S.W. It doesn’t matter how many singles events you attend or how many people you date – without self-understanding […]

Jewish Living

The Singular Effect of Self-esteem

By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. There are undoubtedly a number of factors affecting relationships that single men and women should consider.  Some of these have been addressed in other articles.  I wish to discuss one factor that has come to my attention. It should come as no surprise that I am going to emphasize […]


Being Single

by R. Rosenfeld Being lonely in a way that friends cannot cure. Being pitied for the lack of love a single must endure. Being greatly frustrated, yearning for a touch. Being in a pent-up state, feelings twist so much. Being humbled by the knowledge people think there’s something wrong. Being unable to speak the truth, […]


Talking Tactics

Jeanie Silver interviews the authors of Talking Tachlis:  A Singles’ Strategy for Marriage and discovers some surprising do’s and don’ts. Rosie Einhorn, a psychotherapist for over 20 years, found herself with an ever-increasing number of single women in her private practice.  Although her clients initially sought her assistance for any number of issues, invariably they […]


Breaking the Endless Cycle

It doesn’t matter how many singles events you attend or how many people you date – without self-understanding and emotional clarity, you could meet your ideal spouse and never know it. by Shaya Ostrov, C.S.W. Marriage requires the creation of trust, love, security, esteem and countless other feelings which touch the heart:  yet many singles […]


Behind the Headlines in YESHA

Meet the new generation, born on the Land.  “They’ll never give up the Land, the dream or the reality,” says one observer.  Will the change in leadership restore Zionism to the nation? by Judy Lash Balint They don’t have an office; they don’t even have a budget — yet late last year, this group of […]

Jewish Law

What’s the Truth About…Hallel on Pesach?

By Rabbi Ari Z. Zivotofsky Misconception:  The sole reason that we do not recite the complete Hallel1 on the last six days of Pesach is because the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea on the seventh day of Pesach, and this human tragedy mutes our joy. Fact:  This reason for “half” Hallel is cited in […]

Jewish World

Two Blue

By Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein One: Techelet Techelet is still pretty rare in Israel. If these words make you think of chilazon, and the dye this aquatic creature provided for the blue thread on our tzitzit, your Jewish IQ is in good shape. The remarkable work of a small group of enthusiasts and their indefatigable spokespeople […]


Potato – The Misunderstood Vegetable

By Eileen Goltz The potato is a misunderstood vegetable.  It takes the blame for bulk and the flak for flab.  More nutritious than most of us realize, one medium potato has 45% of the vitamin C and 21% of the potassium our bodies need every day.  Potatoes are also a great source of fiber:  Just […]

 Chief Rabbi Lord Jakobovits zt”l

 Chief Rabbi Lord Jakobovits zt”l

by Rabbi Shlomo Jakobovits The headlines and captions of the world’s press summed it up in a few phrases.  The Jerusalem Post headline read: “A Piercing Voice is Silenced”; the London Times referred to him as “A Sage in the Tradition of the Prophets”; the London Jewish Chronicle was headed, “A Great Spokesman for Judaism” […]

On and Off the Beaten Track in Ein Gedi

On and Off the Beaten Track in Ein Gedi

Chances are that many readers of Jewish Action have visited the beautiful Ein Gedi Nature Reserve at least once. Go one more time! But this time, in addition to your hats, canteens and towels, take a Tanach. There are two ways to enter the Ein Gedi Reserve. The northern entrance is called Nachal David (David’s […]


Outside/Inside: A Fresh Look at Tzniut

So what’s new in this slender volume, or, if we’re to take the subtitle’s word for it, what is this “fresh look at tzniut?” It is Outside/Inside’s subtle insights into the subject which reveal layers of meaning behind what is simplistically considered a restrictive dress-code that hampers women’s freedom for men’s sake.


There Once Was a World: A 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok

There Once Was a World has been 19 years in preparation. A book of over 800 pages, it was lovingly written by one of the few survivors of the German murder of all 5,000 Jewish residents of Eishyshok, in September of 1941. The book is fascinating, extremely well-written and documented, with copious notes and photographs. It is encyclopedic in scope, touching on every aspect of Jewish life. Each chapter is a gem: rich, colorful and filled with depth, information and insight including history, biography, anecdotes and local color. While the book concentrates on Eishyshok, in a larger sense it tells the story of both Lithuanian and European Jewry.

Business and Economics

Torah, Truth and Tobacco

Talk about tobacco is heating up again.
Is smoking, and hence marketing and distributing tobacco products, prohibited by Jewish law?
If not halachically prohibited, do we have an obligation to insist on standards of truthful advertising and marketing in regard to cigarettes?