Author: Carol Green Ungar

From Homemade to Store-bought: the Evolving Passover Diet

With supermarket shelves bulging with Passover muffins, Passover granola and even Passover breadsticks, it’s hard to grasp that for much of history, this holiday’s fare was limited to the simple and home-made. In the shtetl, Passover preparations began at Chanukah when housewives rendered chicken and goosefat into schmaltz, the...

The Little-Known Story Behind the Latke

According to food historian Gil Marks, the first latkes, called kartoffelpfannkuchen, were fashioned from coarse potatoes fried in schmaltz (chicken fat).

Hold the Knaidlach

Sure, many families observe the minhag of not eating gebrokts on Pesach, but why?

Non-Gebrokts Food: The Newest Trend

What’s Behind the Explosion in Non-Gebrokts Products for Pesach? In recent years, non-gebrokts food has become a major trend. “People are noticing that matzah meal, a long-standing Pesach baking staple, is appearing less and less in packaged kosher-for-Passover products,” observes Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, OU senior rabbinic coordinator. The OU,...

Holding God’s Hand

For nearly a year now, Simcha Esther (Shari) Gershan has been looking the Angel of Death in the eye and smiling back at him. She’s also been telling the world about it on her Internet blog, and plans to share more of her story in her forthcoming documentary. The...