Author: Rabbi Gil Student

Reviews in Brief – Summer 2020

Rather than claiming to be history, this book openly reports stories that reflect the worldviews of the speakers. These are conversations with great people about great leaders and great institutions.

Reviews in Brief

Widen Your Tent, False Facts and True Rumors, and the Eternal Fire of Sefer Vayikra

Reviews in Brief: Spring 2019

is keenly aware of the challenges of loneliness, the temptations of cynicism, the subtle yet insidious subversion of Torah values we face every day.

Reviews in Brief

Has Rabbi Abramowitz undermined Maimonides’ literary concealment? Can a soldier pray in his uniform? Is the Torah pro or anti wealth? Is prayer futile for a terminally ill patient? These questions and more in Rabbi Student's latest Reviews in Brief.

Shabbat Table Torah

How do you convey values? How do you start those important conversations in a way that is not awkward or alienating? The traditional method is the devar Torah, an insight into the weekly Torah portion.

Reviews in Brief

Rabbi Gamliel Shmalo’s Learning To Grow is billed as “a spiritual guide to your year in Israel” but do not be fooled. This book is a guide to a meaningful life regardless of your circumstances.

Reviews in Brief

Finance, as an industry, has gained a reputation as a ruthless, amoral field where the only rule is to make money and the only law is to not get caught breaking the law. Every generalization like that has some truth to it, but paints with an exceedingly broad brush.